Visionary Execution

Refine your structure, expand your creativity.

Visionary Execution empowers visionary Founders and Creators to unlock their full creative potential by refining organizational structures with precision and creativity. Clarify your vision, empower your team, execute effectively and deliver results.

Lane Belone - Visionary Execution

Howdy, I'm Lane Belone.
I help Founders and CEOs with structure, clarity and creativity.

Is this you?

Are you a visionary Founder or CEO who is decisive, self-assured and innovative? Do you consider yourself sincere, dynamic and spirited? Do you have a creative side that’s been dormant or not at full capacity?Do you make decisions based on your instinct or intuition? Are you generally the spark to build momentum, essentially breathing life into projects? Do you have energy for days and need diverse activities to channel your potent life force?

Is this your company?

  • Do you have a team of 5-25 people?

  • Do you have a well-articulated Vision and Mission for your company, with everyone knowing what it is?

  • Have you hit a plateau of performance and it’s not as fun as it was before?

  • Are there opportunities to scale, but you’re not in a position to fully execute?

  • Are you ready to refine your structure to unlock the next level of creativity?

  • Are you ready to take action and make some profound shifts in your company?

Next step

If the above information resonates with you, check out this site.You can assess my approach and offerings to see if there is a potential fit.The next step is to reach out and begin a dialog. Click the Get Started button below to connect.

Vision & Values

I envision a world where leaders adopt self-mastery and joyful sovereignty deep within their bones. With each step of their existence, they radiate value into the lives of everyone around them. Family, friends and community all benefit from each leader embodying these empowered frequencies.As each visionary leader solidifies his own footing with his life, family and business, they band together to support each other. Locking arms to pioneer a new paradigm of leadership on the planet.I guide Founders, CEOs, Entrepreneurs and Family Leaders with frameworks, structure, accountability and support to help them reach their potential. By helping these individuals, they create dynamic and purpose-driven teams to help realize their companies vision.

Why Most Visionary's Fail

Visionary Execution Values

Each of the values below offer a way to approach life. They are simple guides to a truth we hold deep within. The idea isn't to be perfect in achieving these values, but rather have our life driven by and decisions made based on these principles.

Be Present in the Moment - Let go of the past and future. Be here now and receive what life is continuously giving you. The answers you seek are always “hidden” within the Present Moment.Explore Your Curiosities - Allow what excites you to guide your path. Your curiosities are leading you to more energy, more fun and more joy in life. Identify your curiosities and see what they have in store for you.Experiment & Iterate - No need to get it “right” the first time. No need to be afraid of “failure”. Let go of perfection, go for it and see what happens. Life is an experiment and then builds off your experience.Cultivate Creativity - Tap into the unbound energy and inspiration of creativity that is always available to you. Creativity and creation is your birthright and natural state of Being.Do Your Best - All you have to do each day is do your best. Be compassionate with yourself and others. Your best today is your best, and as you move forward, your best tomorrow will be even better.Surrender to Your Intuition - Your inner voice of wisdom within you is always there to guide you. All you have to do is be quiet and listen to it. Surrender to its wisdom and allow it to give you exactly what you need in each moment.Prioritize Self-Care - Dedicate and schedule Self-Care into your daily life. Constantly recharge your internal batteries and fill your cup first. Give yourself the love and attention you deserve.Connect & Align Mind, Body & Soul - Fully integrate and harmonize all aspects of Self. Allow each aspect of you to complement and support each other. Cultivate a holistic approach to life.Express Your Truth - With your actions, words and habits; express who you are and your truths. Have the courage to express, even in the face of judgment, insecurities and fears.Embody Your Authenticity - With each action and expression, anchor your authentic self. Be who you are meant to be in each moment. Engage with life as yourself, without having to think about it.Support Your Brothers - As you tend to your own needs, look to the Brother to your left and right and see how you can support him. Give from a full cup and receive the support in turn.Live in Gratitude - Operate life with an open heart and deep appreciation for everything around you. Shape your reality by what you are continuously in gratitude for.Enjoy The Journey - In the Eternal Present Moment, enjoy the journey. If you intend to enjoy the journey today, it will continuously be enjoyed until you decide to not enjoy the journey.

Why A Values-Driven Life is Powerful


Who Is Visionary Execution For?

Experiencing overwhelm or lack of alignment?Seeking clarity and momentum?Ready to realize your dreams?If you are open to a solution that is effective, read further. The answer involves bringing vision and execution into alignment.With the right amount of structure within your vision in place, you begin to flow dynamically and execute effectively as you need.You break your vision down into smaller, manageable steps that can be worked on daily. You feel tangible progress with each step of your journey.Are you aware you can adopt a different approach that allows you to realize your dreams, one step at a time?Three primary services are available (see image below).

Visionary Execution Roadmap

Although each service builds off the previous, it's not a necessary step. We'll customize the journey to YOU.To ensure a good fit, let's gradually take this step-by-step. This allows for both of us to assess our compatibility and working dynamic.If a long-term collaboration feels right, it will naturally develop. If you have alternative ideas different from below, feel free to reach out.Click the buttons below to view each service in detail.

Are You Ready?

You may be at the beginning stage of a massive transformation in your life and business, now you’re asking yourself if you can jump into the unknown.Whether it’s with me, solo or with someone else, I wish for you the wisdom to know how and when to leap.And most importantly, the courage to take the leap.When you choose to “say yes”, you have committed to an outcome and will witness how life continues to unfold in your favor. Now is the chance to shift your life in the precise direction you desire.Say yes to this opportunity today by clicking the Get Started button below.

Strengths & Communication Survey (With Action Plan)

Visionary Execution Roadmap

Perhaps you’re a leader within an organization and looking to strengthen culture and performance.Are you aware that self-mastery is the key to have the capacity to lead others?You need to be clear on who you are and able to articulate that effectively with your team. The example you showcase reveals a path for those on your team to follow.This results in higher performance, better team cohesion and individual satisfaction within every team member.You’ll also notice how much easier it will be to get into flow states.The Strengths & Communication Survey is the self-mastery tool you didn’t know you needed.This self-awareness instrument is simple and only takes about 8 minutes to take.You’ll discover your natural traits and strengths, effective ways to communicate and bring awareness to align your work with your natural self. This increases your energy efficiency and personal satisfaction.This service is broken into 2 sessions.The first session I walk you through the survey and interpret areas of the report that will be helpful for you.The second session is where we take this information and develop a custom plan of action. This tool is available to you, should you choose to take it.This is often the first step for everyone I work with. No long-term commitment. Affordable. Profound insights.

Visionary Execution Roadmap

Perhaps your vision is clear, yet the road that leads you there isn't.Maybe you're experiencing unexpected growth and need a strategy with systems to implement.Either way one thing is clear, a deliberate and comprehensive roadmap would serve you greatly.You need a roadmap that holds the capacity of your vision, while being tactical enough to take deliberate action.A roadmap that aligns vision and execution.A roadmap that is adaptable to the changing environment and market.Ideally, you break down your vision into phases or stages of development. Each phase having their own intention, key objectives and desired end-state. Then developing specific projects that are nested in the overall roadmap strategy.The byproduct of an intentional roadmap is an entire organization working on the same page.This creates efficiency, better culture and ultimately helps you realize the vision you have for the company. You empower your team to deliver results and you trust their work.The alternative? Shooting from the hip and hoping things work out well.At this stage, you'll likely want Strengths & Communication Surveys for your entire team. Each person operating within their strengths and supporting the companies goals.Bottom line, the Visionary Execution Roadmap offers you a clear path to confidently step forward.

Project-Based Consulting Work

For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners who seek to unlock their next level of performance and increase cashflow, there is an effective path.A project-based approach to life and business is advantageous for at least 6 reasons (see below).

  1. It gives you clarity on what to focus on

  2. It's a "container" that potently works with your subconscious mind

  3. We can develop measurable milestones to track progress

  4. You have skin in the game because it's not a "practical exercise"

  5. You know when you've crossed the "finish line"

  6. You have tangible results you can hold in your hands

The project we work on together will serve as a catalyst for deep transformation. It will give you the tangible material to work with as you transform into who you are meant to become.The transformation will be felt. The results will speak for themselves.This kind of work will require commitment and focus. With each step, you let go of the old story and embrace new ones.As we work together, I will hold you accountable and ensure you stay on track.Before fully committing, start with the Strengths & Communication Survey, which builds a foundation for our journey together.

Private & Confidential Problem Solving (Additional Service)

For CEO's or Founder's who are feeling immense pressure, there is a solution.You are a leader and that puts you on an island.When a delicate problem arises, it can be difficult to find someone to turn to for answers.Seeking advice from your team isn't always viable, as they rely on you for guidance and certainty.Turning home may not be the best solution, because your significant other may not truly understand and may even be tired of you taking work home.Consulting the board (if you have one) can feel uncomfortable because they hired you for your ideas and solutions.Having a safe and confidential container to vent, brainstorm and ultimately develop integrated solutions is key.Together, we'll navigate these complexities, ensuring you're never truly alone on your journey. Your challenges become conquerable with a trusted ally by your side.

Visionary Execution Leadership Retreat (Additional Service)

Unlock your next level of perspective and performance with like-minded Brothers of the Path. During this dynamic journey, we incorporate self-mastery, self-leadership, family leadership and business leadership into your Being.In a setting connected to Nature, you have access to healing modalities and complementary experts to support you.With clear focus, subconscious mind activation and tangible results, this retreat will be the experience you'll remember for years.


"Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare."

This Japanese proverb highlights the need for both vision and action. Visionary Execution is leadership and strategy consulting that moves you to aligned action. Join a Brotherhood of Visionary Leaders who are avoiding daydreams and nightmares, and welcome a harmonious middle way: A grounded yet flowing reality.Visionary Execution was created out of the need to connect Vision and Execution. I've seen many Founders (including myself) who had a big vision, but oftentimes get lost in how to take aligned action that will not only help them achieve their vision, but create a culture within the organization of efficiency and satisfaction.

Consulting Capabilities

Leadership - 1-on-1 coaching, leadership development retreats, culture empowerment workshop, Strengths & Communication survey, confidential problem-solving.Strategy - Company Vision & Mission, key objective development, Visionary Execution Roadmap (3-5 years), standard operating procedures.Communication - Leadership storytelling, conflict resolution, interpersonal dynamics. Dial in your communication to eliminate inefficient systems and processes.Personal Development - Empower your entire team with Self-Mastery tools. Each individual team member will support the overall vision and mission.Creativity - With structure and systems in place, creativity can flourish. Develop creativity systems within your organization. Develop creative solutions through empowerment.Accountability - I'm your accountability tool to rely on to move the needle. Ensuring you and your team are doing what needs to be done. A Green Beret Veteran has your back.

Lane Belone

Lane Belone - Visionary Execution

Howdy, I'm Lane Belone. I help Founder's and CEO's with structure, clarity and creativity.I help leaders feel more confident in their ability to lead their team, develop empowering culture and get more results.Below you can read a bit of my story, along with overarching values I bring to the table with Visionary Execution.

Providing Aligned Guidance

I grew up in a lovely home with my wonderful Best Mom and beautiful sister. My father wasn’t around and that left an imprint on me.I deeply desired the guidance of a single source of masculine truth, but that path wasn’t for me. I received guidance from Boy Scouts, coaches and church leaders growing up.I found different wisdom perspectives with each guide that entered my life.Because of this, I’m motivated to guide others in the best way that is needed for the moment. I’m driven to help those around me, my family and my community.Visionary Execution is an extension of this guidance I provide to the world.

To Liberate The Oppressed

After high school, I joined the US Army. My first duty station was in Germany and that’s where I discovered my love of travel and exploration.Not having resources to travel as a boy, I was given the opportunity as a young man.Each culture I explored reflected a different aspect of myself. As I grew, my ambition was amplified.I joined the Special Forces (Green Berets) and mastered many skills at a world-class level. I expanded my exploration into combat and austere environments.The motto of the Special Forces is “De Oppresso Liber”, meaning: to liberate the oppressed. I still hold this motto close to my heart because I see a world deeply programmed by disempowered systems.Part of my purpose is to help liberate the oppressed minds of We The People, to live in a state of Joyful Sovereignty.Visionary Execution is one of the “vehicles” in which I deliver this service to humanity.

Paradigm-Shifting Mindset

After 12 years of service, my wife and I left Germany, went on a coast-to-coast road-trip across the US and then made our way to Panama.I began to translate my leadership and worldly experience to support both Veterans and into the civilian world.Consolidating my approach to life and business turned into a book I co-authored titled, Unleash Your Humble Alpha.With this blueprint, I guided hundreds of CEO's, Founders, Entrepreneurs and Business Owners by clarifying their identity and purpose, all in support to optimize their business.The most enjoyable aspect of this work was witnessing potent transformation with seemingly subtle shifts in approach to life and business.Over time, I created the Self-Mastery Operating System and use that framework for much of Visionary Execution consulting. The "operating system" paradigm continues to be updated and refined.

Holistic View of Life

Somewhere along the way, sacred plant medicine found me in Peru and I began a deeply rich spiritual journey.I began to explore different wisdoms of the world. With each perspective, I welcomed the truth that was meant for me and began to embody it.A key I discovered was that self-mastery unlocked a profound capacity to lead others.The deeper the self-mastery journey, the greater the capacity to guide others.This spiritual and holistic nature has been woven into the DNA of Visionary Execution, allowing for harmony to be the connective tissue between beautiful vision and practical action.This spiritual essence balances my experiences as a high performing and mission-oriented soldier.

Honored to Be of Service

I’m honored to use my entire life experience as a human and to continue to be of service to the world. There’s much more about me that isn’t shared on this page, but it was my intention to share a few parts of myself that motivate me to do what I do.

For more information on my background and what I'm up to these days, you can check out my personal website.

Get Started: Begin A Dialog

After reading through this site, you may be interested in working together. The next step is to reach out. If we're already connected, please reach out in whatever is most convenient for you. You can also send an email below if that's easier. Please share any information that you think would be useful to see if we are a fit. Looking forward to hearing from you.